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Security Risk Management

Gain Intelligence with Security Risk Management

Security Risk Management solutions from CORE Security allow you to weave IT security and risk management into the executive levels of business planning by associating potential threats to key business assets. CORE Insight accomplishes this by correlating vulnerabilities, network topographies, and cyber-attack expertise to identify high-probability exposures and attack paths. This delivers the unique ability to effectively prioritize threats in context of business, regulatory compliance and operational metrics while decreasing the cost and complexity of security management across the distributed enterprise.

CORE Insight's unique Security Risk Management solution includes:

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Centralized Vulnerability Management

CORE Insight consolidates and simplifies the vulnerability scanning lifecycle process with a unified console that allows organizations to define, execute and collect vulnerability scans from network and web solutions and services. The ability to centrally manage vulnerability scans and deployments significantly saves time and accelerates the larger security risk management lifecycle.

CORE Insight Vulnerability Management Campaign Dashboard

CORE Insight 3.0 Campaign Dashboard - Click to zoom


Network Topology Visualization

High risk vulnerabilities identified by scanners alone do not provide the information required to effectively target systems for patching or re-configuration. CORE Insight's Network Topology Map models an organization’s multi-tiered network by importing topology information from network devices. This helps security teams visualize all possible attack paths from any source to any destination on any port or protocol. With these attack paths identified, your security resources can focus on updating systems that add risk to your most critical assets, such as databases, business applications, internet facing web pages and others.

Network Topology Import Config

Network Topology Import- Click to zoom


Asset Categorization & Attack Models

CORE Insight identifies the importance and value of network assets through direct integration with common asset management (including spread-sheets), network configuration and vulnerability management tools. This automated classification, along with the ability to perform custom labeling during the implementation process, allows organizations to grade assets based on data sensitivity, location, user and other important operational characteristics. Identifying each asset’s value, and its context within the business, greatly improves risk intelligence and threat prioritization.

Network Topology Import Config

Attack Path Mapping with CORE Insight 3.0 - Click to zoom


Risk Analytics & Qualification

CORE Insight uniquely assimilates network, application, device, user and end-point vulnerabilities with asset categorization data to accurately qualify and analyze risk in terms of financial and operational impact. By continuously identifying the sources that introduce the most risk across the entire network – tens of thousands of network devices and hundreds of thousands of hosts – CORE Insight distills the complexity of security risk management into a single dashboard, allowing organizations to focus resources on the most critical and immediate systems posing risk.

CORE Insight Vulnerability Management Heatmap Dashboard

CORE Insight 3.0 CISO Dashboard - Click to zoom


Reporting & Metrics

CORE Insight provides a complete library of the graphical, metric-based risk and remediation reports to help today's cross-functional security and risk management teams effectively communicate, collaborate and manage change. With CORE Insight, security management and IT teams can quickly and easily distribute important security analyses to all interested parties, who can:

1) Share relevant security performance metrics with business management and operational staff including trends, program efficiency and operational risk posture improvements.

2) Build heat maps and other interactive visualizations that demonstrate organizational and departmental risks as well as areas of concern to responsible parties.

3) Use an API framework to integrate CORE Insight data into enterprise reporting systems, SIEM and other applications to enable unified security management.

4) Deliver auditors and other regulatory-driven staff comprehensive proof of automated, validated assessment on a regular basis.

CORE Insight Vulnerability Management Dashboard for CSOs

CORE Insight 3.0 Security Testing Executive Report - Click to zoom


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